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Artisan Workshops Summer 2022

The spring weather here in Caldwell, Idaho has been a bit of an achilles heel for planning my workshops. I had every intention of getting a few classes in this May but since my classes are outside, the rainy, cold, and windy weather has affected my plans. So to all of you who have been asking "when" all I can reply is "soon".

As a creative, I find myself bursting with ideas. You should have seen the list of classes I was brainstorming in January---you would think I had the energy of a10-person think tank! I admit, it was a bit ambitious but had the weather cooperated I might have just pulled it off, but let's not wallow in the "I wish it had" and focus on the "what could still be".

To be completely transparent I can't blame everything of the weather. There is a lot that happens in the spring here at the ROOST, and this year, since I will be hosting a wedding on July 1st (perhaps the one and only ROOST wedding) there were some extra projects I needed to finish to be ready for this gala event. I am almost there---just a few things left and I will feel ready. Since I am a bit OCD when it comes to our property, I am sure there will be extra things I think need to be "added, fixed, polished, painted, weeded, fluffed, moved, planted, and created"! Sometimes I can't turn it off---I am definitely a work in progress!

So here are a few classes in the hopper: (follow us on Instagram @LePouleROOST for updates)

I'm always open for class suggestions! What kind of class would you like to see offered here at the ROOST?

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