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Being Creative during Quarantine: Discovering your own Silver Lining

Jack and I have been using our quarantine for creative opportunity. We are used to puttering around the ROOST with numerous ideas and projects brewing but somehow the quarantine has given me introspection and a heightened sense of awareness. Introducing: the migrating Snow Geese.

How is it that I've never noticed them before? Sure, I would see geese and ducks visiting the pond near our property, but the Snow Geese? Where have I been? Most likely in a secondary classroom for the past 30 years with one small tinted 2'x3' window; to think of what I've been missing all those spring mornings!

Yesterday I decided to dust off my camera, head out my front door and photograph the geese. Dressed in my new normal: two-day old hair, PJ's, and slippers I quietly walked to the cornfield. Among the corn stalks were thousands of white forms eating and quacking enthusiastically (oh wait, maybe geese honk---at any rate, they were carrying on) unaware I was standing just a few feet away. I waited patiently until the geese had eaten their fill and suddenly took flight. It was an indescribable experience. I now understand the phrase 'one with nature'; I had a brief but intimate experience with a thousand Snow Geese and my Nikon camera.

I hope you are discovering your own hidden blessings during this COVID-19 pandemic. As hard as it is to find the silver lining, if we look hard enough it's there. Stay safe my friends.

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