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Chive Dust: Doesn't that Sound Fancy?

As I scurried to save produce from the garden I cut a handful of chives from the herb section with the intention to dry them. Then I thought, "I wonder if could make a chive powder? Does that even exist?" So I did it. I made chive powder. Then I renamed it chive dust because I felt like being pretentious.

I love kitchen gadgets. I hate the clutter but it makes my life easier. I'll never forget when my grandparents got their first automatic washer and dryer. They used the wringer washer and dried the clothes on the clothes line. The new set was easier and so much more convenient but I would catch them using the wringer washer because "it just got the clothes so much cleaner!" I caught my arm in that old geezer when I was five years old. Yep, showing off to my little brother. I turned it on, and pretended to poke my fingers between the wringers only to gasp when it pulled my arm between the rollers. The positive to this painful story was I got to eat ice-cream for a while until my arm healed. That was kind of cool.

Back to the chives. . . they got dry and crispy in the dehydrator then I started the transformation while swirling them around in the food processor. At first it looked very similar to chopped hay. I know hay because I lived on a dairy farm and I had to roll hay bales in a straight line so my grandpa could pick them up on the truck. I know hay because I helped feed it to the cows. I know hay because I would put a stick of it in my mouth to look like one of those smokers on TV. So, I swirled the chives around so it no longer looked like hay.

I sifted it and magically my chive dust was realized! Disclaimer: apparently chive powder does exist and sells for $5.32 an ounce.

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