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It was Romantic while it Lasted; ROOST Postpones Hosting Weddings

For several years I've been dreaming of hosting weddings here at the ROOST. I envisioned sharing our enchanting property with couples and in some sense relive that magical moment Jack and I experienced over two decades ago. Romantic. Magical. Bliss.

So I began the process. I purchased an efficient software to manage my property tours, Jack built some amazing arbors on the property and I progressed with this romantic vision in my head only to realize, sadly that I can't. I can't host weddings; at least not at this time in my life. With that said, let me explain.

Retirement comes with freedom. I get to be the boss of my future. I get to choose what I want to do every day and believe me after teaching middle school for over 30 years it is beyond what I imagined. And for the most part everything was going as planned until I realized I was no longer in control of my time; others were dictating it -- and then there is my self-diagnosed

Property OCD. . . it's real people. Disclaimer: if there are anyone reading this who came on a bridal tour here at the ROOST please know you did not singly create this change of direction, it was collective.

Behind the scenes of a typical ROOST property tour: I would work several days making sure the property was trimmed, clean, and prepared --not completely to Wedding Day standards (that would be nuts) but nonetheless I worked to make myself proud to show it. Then there was the presentation of specialty drinks, often time mimosas and some type of homemade baked goods. We would often meet in the barn (if I didn't have barn guests) music playing, the fireplace going; you get the picture. Then, more times than not I would get that text cancellation 30-45 minutes before the appointment. All that work. All that time. Not exactly what I signed up for. . . and I realized very quickly I needed to change direction.

Let's discuss my Property OCD for a second. I never realized until we opened our guest barn just how OCD I was. I recently lost my cleaner so for the past several months I have taken on the task and I'm obsessed with making sure the barn is perfect. I even began to follow this Instagram influencer name Vanesa @vanesa_amaro_ who shares cleaning hacks. Yep--that's me perfecting the triangular fold and stamp at the end of the toilet paper roll; obsessing about the possible streaks on the glass shower doors; the dust bunnies under the leather couch, the handprints on the stair railing, the shampoo and body wash bottles having to sit perfectly with the spouts pointed in the same direction. I think my self diagnosis is pretty spot on.

Weeds -- don't even get me started. I remember recently a bride, groom and his parents arrived for a tour 45 minutes EARLY. I remember thinking to myself proudly "Dang Mona you are ahead of schedule" until I saw their car sitting out in my driveway. I was in route to take the Mimosas out to the most perfect setting in my garden; this was where we were going to start the tour. I was going to do a walk around right after to make sure everything on the property was just so. But what do you do? Certainly you can't freak out. You can't tell this sweet couple and parents to come back at the scheduled time. So you adjust. You tell them Oh no, not a problem--let me set up and you can go ahead and look around. But remember, I didn't get to do my walk-around, my OCD fix. And there it was, as though it was a pair of my grannie panties hung on the flagpole for all the neighborhood to see; a pile of pulled weeds I forgot to pick up.

It was after that property tour that I realized I can't. I can't do it; I need to have control of my time and be able to see the fruition of it without it being in vain. Does that make sense? I'm sad about it but you know, I believe God has my best interest in mind and this whole ROOST gig has been growing organically (I am BEYOND blessed). And you know what? I am so darn thankful I hadn't booked any weddings (aside from my beautiful couple scheduled for July 2022). God protected me as He always has. As much as I wanted to share in this romantic, magical, blissful experience; the pampering of my barn guests and offering artisan workshops will have to suffice for now.

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