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Le Poule ROOST gets a Makeover

Le Poule ROOST (French for The Hen Roost) was conceived and inspired by the building of our charming chicken coop in 2012. The coop inspired a website which prompted a chicken-inspired artist series collaboration and a vast amount of ideas that could hardly be contained. Fast forward seven years and Le Poule Roost has not only taken on a new look but a more focused direction; we could not be more excited! I would like to formally introduce you to ROOST; tagline: STAY. WED. EXPERIENCE.

STAY: We are within days of launching our guest barn; a two story modern farmhouse meets art-gallery vibe. Details throughout are reminders of the spirit to which it was born; a modest farm and dairy owned by my maternal grandparents. Our property is very special and we are honored to be able to share it with others. I think Grandma would approve; she loved having guests over and the dinner table always had room for one. more. plate. We hope to emulate her hospitality and generosity; she certainly made it look effortless.

WED: For the past 19 years my husband Jack and I have worked to develop an aesthetically charming property filled with a multitude of arbors, landscaping, a large potager garden (that's a fancy word for a kitchen garden) bordered by espalier apple trees, our stately red barn, and the cutest white chicken coop you ever did see! Our acreage is quaint, intimate, visual and filled with abundant options for any couple's special day. We aren't quite ready but we hope to launch Weddings at the ROOST the summer of 2021.

EXPERIENCE: Jack and I are both creatives: he approaches projects with the mind of an engineer while I am most content creating in a right brain spontaneous kind of way. Our property is a true reflection of both our talents; it is a perfect balance.

Having recently retired from 30 plus years of teaching art, my experience will be instrumental as we begin developing artisan-based opportunities: art classes, specialty cooking classes, artisan festivals, farm-to-table dinners. . . I am so excited about the possibilities!

LIVING on the ROOST: We are passionate about our property, and are creative participants in the evolution of what the Roost is and what it will become. The ROOST is a true reflection of our devotion and creativity and we are honored to share it with you!

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