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Love: If Everyone could be so Lucky

Weddings. I had romanced the vision to host weddings here at the ROOST for several years, then my gut-feeling saved me from myself. I had already booked a July 2022 wedding before this powerful revelation---and the best part, it was a wedding for a long time former student athlete of mine; my dear friend Stacey and her beautiful Ann.

Serendipity comes to mind as I replay the series of events. Stacey saw a post of senior photos I had taken for her nephew. The next thing I know, the three of us are walking the ROOST grounds and discussing their beautiful July wedding. They wanted a small intimate celebration with close friends and family. They wanted their wedding to be sentimental without extra fluff. They asked a family member to do their photos, they created their own flower bouquets for the tables, they did their own makeup. Being present in the moment, enjoying and sharing their special day was their priority. I can't describe the tenderness I saw between them: love, respect, and absolute joy---it was so beautiful to witness.

The next morning after I served them breakfast, we paused to chat next to the fruit trees, sharing coffee in the dappled morning sun. As we chatted I was struck by something Ann said: "Being married to my best friend is like having a sleepover every night." Oh if everyone could be so lucky.

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