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Racing Jack Frost

I get mixed feelings when October arrives. Sad our garden will soon be bit by frost and somewhat overwhelmed by the abundance of garden produce. As much as I love my garden bounty, I am ready to welcome a long break. But not today. Today I have stuff to do!

I collected bags of tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, onions, zucchini, herbs, and a trailer full of pumpkins. It would take me all month to count the cherry tomatoes still on the vines, and the butternut squash I have yet to pick. But for those I will just cross my fingers and hope I can rescue them before they get nipped in the bud.

Peppers: I washed, grilled, and placed them in a bowl with plastic wrap to sweat. They are in the frig now ready for me to transform them into deconstructed chili relleno, and if I get brave enough I might preserve the rest using my brand spankin' new Mirro pressure canner. I am a little scared. Like a big scaredy cat. I am a self-proclaimed pressure canning voyeur. I've done a lot of watching in my day, but never solo. So, wish me luck. If this becomes my last post know things went south.


Announcing my video debut on grilling peppers using our outdoor grill. I just have to remind myself that anyone who has ever started a blog probably sounded like me at the beginning. Baby steps people. . .

Poblano and jalapeno peppers washed and ready for grilling

Grilled peppers ready for their transformation

Tomatoes: I plunked them into boiling water to remove the skins, then placed them in a very large crock pot-like cooker. From that, I made marinara and salsa.

Eggplant: I made an eggplant parmesan "lasagna" and discovered a few things. When they say cut the eggplant in 1/2 inch slices there is a reason. I thought I would be clever and slice them thin like lasagna. Not a great idea, the texture was a bit like jerky. But dang the ricotta filling and marinara was outstanding. I would call that project a fail/win.

Chives: washed, cut and placed in the dehydrator. I have an idea that I am super excited to try: chive powder. Does that even exist?? Am I the first to discover this?? Probably not but I can imagine a pinch of chive powder on a delicately poached egg. I'm seriously excited!

. . . and my pumpkins: These little darlings are ready for decorating! I am so excited to sprinkle them around the property.

pumpkin and herb bounty

I always wondered what retirement would feel like. I'm officially one month in and I am starting to get a little glimpse. . .it's not necessarily relaxing but amazingly rewarding.

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