The ROOST Styled Shoot May 2020

Time seemed to stand still these past several months here at the ROOST, anticipating when our lives could return to normal. It wasn't until I received a proposal to host a wedding styled shoot did I realize there may be a glimpse of normalcy after this Covid --19 pandemic afterall.

Let me begin by introducing you to Erin @dreamereventsboise an event coordinator who was the brains and initiator behind this collaboration. I am a newbie to the wedding circle so I was happy to watch and learn from Erin's expertise. I was beyond impressed with her skill set: punctual, organized, poised, influential, intuitive, hard working, creative and just a really, really nice human. She was the first to arrive and nine hours later she was the last to leave. Throughout the day she masterfully orchestrated the various vendors. She was extremely hands-on to help set, tweak, fix, move, clean --- all while remaining calm and composed. It was a site to see. Where was Erin seven years ago when my daughter got married? If I had to do it over I would definitely have hired an event planner, and Erin would have been at the tip-top of my list!

So what is a styled shoot and how does it work? The wedding planner (in our case the incredible Erin) contacted the various wedding vendors who contributed different skill sets to the collaboration. All collaboration was done free of charge. In return, all photo images taken at the collaboration are shared among the vendors for advertising on social media and other marketing platforms. There were 18 talented vendors who contributed to the ROOST shoot and here is a little insight to the magic I witnessed. . .

Meet Ann Elizabeth, the jeweler @annelizabethjewelr. Ann is a gemologist and creates the most beautiful jewelry. I was instantly drawn to her sweet and friendly personality. Ann has such a passion for her craft and has a brilliant way of taking heirloom jewelry and giving it new life. I was intrigued by her vast knowledge --- I will never look at jewelry quite the same way after seeing her creations. Simply stunning! And don't even get me started about her 74 year-old mother Betty who joined us at the shoot. Let's just say we hit it off immediately. Ann, Betty and I plan to meet for coffee in the very near future.

Our florist, the talented Melissa @theoutdoorflorist (who I was introduced to on the day of the shoot) has since become a special friend to me. She has a soft spoken personality, is very witty, and is beyond talented. Her floral creations were evident throughout the shoot: the bride's bouquet and groom's boutonniere, the wedding cake adornment, the flower arrangements on numerous tables and the mobile bar. Melissa's use of sweet pea tendrils peeking out of her arrangements were so adorable! She has a very special gift.

Jennifer Taylor @rustiquerentalsandeventdesigns contributed the vintage and custom-made furniture for our shoot. Here is a funny story about Jennifer. I just retired from a long career of teaching art. I first met Jennifer and her husband Brock at a parent teacher conference as I had one of their daughters in my class. I don't remember discussing much of their daughter's progress after we discovered our wedding vendor/wedding venue commonality. Fast forward three or four years, who shows up at our property but Jennifer --- what a pleasant surprise! What I didn't realize about Jennifer is what a competent woodworker she is! Her farm tables, benches and various other hand- made furniture she contributed were outstanding --- and the vintage lounge she provided was the perfect touch.

Jennifer's beautiful farm tables were artfully dressed by several vendors.

Sofia @geoform_designs makes the most interesting on-trend concrete vessels which are perfect for succulents and other greenery. She also contributed to the Thank You favors --- just look how adorable!.Sofia and Daniel (Sofia's husband) were genuine and personable. It was such a pleasure chatting with them the day of the shoot.

Hannah @littlegemdetails provided the tableware accessories and the darling wooden cake pedestal. I was intrigued with Hannah and her work ethic. She has great ideas and it showed by how she collaborated with the other vendors to pull off a stellar display.

Sarah @mercyletters added the perfect touch with her beautiful calligraphy. You can see her artful handwritten pieces on the place setting leaves, table numbers, the invitations, and the Welcome sign that adorned the arbor entrance leading to the dessert table. Give yourself a gift and visit her instagram page to see her in action. I was mesmerized by her calligraphy videos ---- perfection!

What is a "wedding" without a wedding cake, and not just any cake ---- but a multi-layered, creamy, raspberry stack of luscious-ness. How do I know? At the end of the shoot they let me keep the cake. I am embarrassed to say I single-handedly ate half of it ---- it was so delicious! Here's to the talented Emmeli @emmeliscakes for her delicious contribution! Her creation looked spectacular on the quaint dessert table alongside the deliciously tempting donuts contributed by @deannasdelights.

Weddings have come such a long way from the understated punch served in the church annex to the oh-so-popular mobile bars. Emily @boisebubblyandtaps had one of the coolest mobile bars I've seen. It is so on trend --- rustic-modern. The inside of the refurbished trailer also has a photo booth --- it's like getting a twofer! I had the privilege of chatting with Emily during the shoot and was instantly struck by her darling style. She looked like a model right out of Anthropology with her adorable felt hat. Her beauty and outgoing personality, along with her adorable mobile bar, will be a great asset to anyone's special occasion.