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Wedding Weekends: Let's Have a Sleepover

Though we are currently not "hosting" weddings at the ROOST, we still can LOVE on our couples by offering some options for their special weekend nuptials.

Bride Squad Sleepovers (or Groom Squad---we do not discriminate here at the ROOST). We've hosted several wedding weekends already and they've been such a hit!

Imagine you and your squad arrive after having attended the ever-so-eventful rehearsal dinner. You are exhausted, nervous, a thousand things are spinning around in that pretty head of yours. You and your squad slip into comfy pjs and cozy up on the luscious, expansive leather sectional. You pause as you look around, overcome with gratitude---your besties are here to support you on your special weekend. You suddenly relax and you are enveloped into the arms of laughter, childhood stories, and friendship.

You awaken to complementary mimosas with fresh fruit, mini muffins and the promise that today will be the best day of your life. Team Bride in matching robes, the glam squad arrives, and before you realize---it's time to put on the dress. You know---the dress!

Jessie from Boise said: "Mona hosted my bridesmaids and I the night before the wedding, as well as mine and my husband's wedding night. She was an absolute delight and was so hospitable!! She even left us little goody bags and some champagne. Unlike any other place I've stayed. Such an adorable space and super stylish too!"

Lexi from Boise said: "The ROOST was my getting ready location for my wedding but turned into being more like a second venue. The photographers and videographer were so excited to capture the day in this adorable Airbnb. We took all the pre-ceremony photos here because it was that perfect!"

The Reveal

You are ready. Your hair and makeup are done, your dress is gorgeous and you are perfection. He just arrived. He's waiting for you outside by the grape arbors. As you make your way to him it feels as though you are walking in slow motion. You know---like you see in the movies. There he is, he looks so handsome and so adorable as he fidgets and laughs nervously in front of his guys. Your heart skips a beat as you gently tap him on the shoulder. He turns slowly toward you, his eyes widen and he has the biggest smile on his face.

"Cause All of Me Loves All of You"

We've had several couples use the ROOST for the reveal when their venue lacks visual impact, or to give their photographer more visual options. We have an expansive property that offers lots of opportunity for photos. We've had wedding dresses adorn the chicken coop, the grape arbor; photos taken on the staircase, in front of the fireplace, by the pond, in the garden, and in front of our big red barn. There are so many options. Ahh---romance; can't you just feel it!

The Wedding Night

The wedding was everything you ever dreamed it could be. The ceremony, the cocktails, the dinner, the first dance, the cake cutting---every detail was just how you envisioned. It is late and you and your honey-pie booked the cutest red guest barn to spend your first night together as a married couple. And aren't you glad you did!

The ROOST is the perfect place for a couple to spend their wedding night after such an eventful day. The interior of the guest barn is so modern and special.

Stephanie from Caldwell said: "The amenities are thoughtful and numerous. The ROOST is a relaxing and beautiful place to unwind. These newlyweds thoroughly enjoyed spending our first days as a married couple hidden away in this retreat."

The Morning After

You are exhausted, giddy, and you just feel like relaxing and relishing in the recent memory of your dream wedding. You aren't in a hurry this morning---you just want to stay in your jammies and let the morning melt away into the background with your sweetheart. You are MARRIED!

Let's have brunch, shall we? At your specified time you can arrange to have an amazing brunch delivered right to the guest barn: inside or outside, we can accommodate. For a minimal price you can enjoy a delicious breakfast charcuterie. All those weeks of self deprecation---it is time to indulge!

So there you have it, a glimpse of what could be in store for your 2022 wedding weekend. Whether you book the ROOST for your squad, your out-of-town guests, or for your special wedding night-- we would be honored to be a part of your special weekend.

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